The Island of Dr. Trombone – Harry Watters

The Island of Dr. Trombone – Harry Watters
Catalog number: 478


> 01 The Island of Dr. Trombone
comp: Harry Watters
> 02 Here Comes the Sun
comp: George Harrison
> 03 Fiesta Bay
comp: Harry Watters
> 04 Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
comp: Louiguy
> 05 The Trainer on the Beach
comp: Harry Watters
> 06 You Are the Sunshine of My Life
comp: Stevie Wonder
> 07 Theme from "I Dream of Jeannie"
comp: Hugo Montenegro
> 08 Trinidad
comp: Harry Watters
> 09 Yesterday
comp: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
> 10 Santa Clause is Hittin' the Beach
comp: Gillespie, Coots
> 11 The New Horizon
comp: Harry Watters
> 12 The Girls Back Home
comp: Ken Watters
> 13 Basin Street Blues
comp: Spencer Williams

New Orleans trombonist and Dr. Trombone himself, Harry Watters performs throughout the US and serves with the Army Blues Jazz Ensemble in Washington DC. Over the course of several albums, Andy Narell has pioneered the role of the steel pan in contemporary music, recording with Bela Fleck, Aretha Franklin, Toto, and more.

Without doubt, Harry Watters is one of the best trombonists performing and writing jazz music today. – JazzReview

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