How Do You Like This Piano Playing? – Hal Schaefer


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‘…no-nonsense playing, beautiful and exploratory expeditions that result in seven strikingly personal interpretations of the great songs laid down on tape all those years ago…’

Guided by the great Duke Ellington as a young jazz pianist, Hal Schaefer’s journey of more than a half century has been a starbright one with numerous achievements, including making key contributions to swing bands led by the likes of Benny Carter, the Dorsey Brothers and Harry James… His knack for teaching actors to sing produced Hollywood hits and included coaching Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in the classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Schaefer arranged Monroe’s show-stopping version of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.

Discovered in his backyard shed some 45 years after its making, this masterful recording presents the legendary Hal Schaefer playing solo jazz piano during an amazing time in his life circa 1960 – historic indeed.

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