Spirits of Fire – Summit Brass


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AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE says: It has been three years since new material arrived from Summit Brass, the preeminent large brass ensemble. When they are at their best, they are terrific, and they are at their best here.

Holst’s Perfect Fool suite gives each superb instrumental section a turn in the spotlight. Arranged expertly by Jay Friedman, the three movement work is so effective that I never missed the original orchestral colors. The ‘Dance of the Spirits of Fire’ is expecially thrilling.

Jan Koetsier’s Symphony for Brass (1987) abounds in the lighthearted stuff that characterizes his music and still gives the p layers some glorious moments. The Larghetto, full of glissandos and muted effects, is memorable.

Virtuoso trumpeter Raymond Mase solos in Henri Lazarof’s Summit Concertante (1995), a spectacular and much more abstract work than is found on most Summit recordings.

Three shorter works are included. I haven’t heard Samuel Barber’s Mutations from Bach since brass choirs from the Frankfurt Radio Symphony and the London Symphony recorded it in 1992. Summit’s reading is more thoughtful and caring than either of those.

…..A new Scherzo by Anthony Plog, longtime Summit trumpeter and increasingly fine composer, is a dazzling display of double and triple tonguing.

…..while there sound is as glorious as ever, we hear a lot more music now. -KILPATRICK, AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE


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