Swingin’ On the New Hammond – Matthew Kaminski


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“Today’s Jazz Organists continue to evolve. Many are still lugging around vintage Hammond organs with Leslie tone cabinets but most are experimenting with the many light-weight clones that are currently on the market. Their styles are also breaking from tradition as more and more keyboard players jump on vintage organs and play them as if they were still on their clones. So, there is this interesting Jazz Organ mutation that is going on … and the good news is that it’s appealing to a much wider audience.

Matthew Kaminski represents the best of both worlds, possessing both a respect for Jazz Organ tradition and a realistic approach to the digital Jazz Organ technology of today. Consequently, Matthew’s playing is as refreshing as it is re-assuring. Refreshing in that he utilizes the available digital technology in expert fashion and re-assuring in that he holds onto those original ideas of Jazz Organ that have propelled it into the unique position that it holds in today’s American Classical Music.”

— Pete Fallico KCSM FM 91


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