Three Views – Mark Hetzler


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The physical world is a place of fluidity and stasis, growth and decay, assembly and dispersal, and though matter never completely comes to a rest, elemental states can be sustained for fractions of a second, or even frozen for millions of years. Dynamic Elements is a musical depiction of this perpetual cosmological unfolding- an introspective journey and an artistic exploration, from the microscopic to the astronomic. In playing this music, acclaimed trombonist Mark Hetzler wanted to express the feeling of wonder one can get from watching the physical world’s multiplicity of moving parts engaged in innumerable processes. The program includes a diversity of musical aesthetics and compositional styles with music by Matthew Burtner, Robert Rowe, James Fulkerson, Chester Udell and Hetzler himself. Featuring a variety of electro-acoustic techniques for the alteration of sound, these pieces offer a broad range of moods, colors and dynamics, and were chosen for their seemingly natural alignment with Hetzler’s theme of matter in flux.

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