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This disc is comprised of three works from renowned composer, Daniel Asia. Woodwind Quintet, String Quartet No. 2, and Brass Quintet were written over the years 1985-2001. The ensembles presented on this recording are, quite simply, the best in the business. The American Brass Quintet and the Dorian Wind Quintet are premiere ensembles of their respective genres. The Cypress Quartet is considered one of the fastest rising young quartets.

The Woodwind Quintet is a sequence of six bagatelles. Each is relatively brief and straightforward and, for the most part, presents one idea and its development. They range from jaunty to tranquil, from busy to languid. The String Quartet No. 2 is a set of variations based on a three-part theme. The variations are gathered together in four movements, each with its own shape and mood, although cross-references and relationships abound. It contains music of utmost seriousness to the most zany. The most recent music is the Brass Quintet, composed in 2001. It’s a work in three movements. Each has its own shape, materials, and atmosphere and each movement moves toward its own tonal resolution.

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