Alight – Tom Curry

Alight – Tom Curry

Label: Summit Records

Release date: July 2018

Catalog number: 718


01 Deux Mélodies Hébraiques: 1. Kaddisch
comp: Maurice Ravel
02 Deux Mélodies Hébraiques: 2. L’énigme éternelle
comp: Maurice Ravel
03 Maknongan
comp: Giacinto Scelsi
04 Lamento
comp: Sofia Gubaidulina
05 Sonata for Tuba and Piano: 1. Dialogue
comp: William Bardwell
06 Sonata for Tuba and Piano: 2. Scherzo
comp: William Bardwell
07 Sonata for Tuba and Piano: 3. Passacaglia
comp: William Bardwell
08 Rhapsody
comp: Willson Osborne
09 Composition No. 1 "Dona Nobis Pacem"
comp: Galina Ustvolskaya

Tubist Tom Curry’s debut solo recording, Alight, features rarely-performed 20th-century works for tuba. With an expressive range which spans from somber to sublime to outright violent, this collection explores themes of isolation and despair, peace and solemnity. Curry collaborates with pianist Vincent Fuh on Sofia Gubaidulina’s intensely poignant Lamento as well as the premiere recording of William Bardwell’s austere Sonata for Tuba and Piano. Iva Ugrcic joins them on Composition No.1 “Dona Nobis Pacem” by Russian composer Galina Ustvolskaya, a brutal, severe masterpiece for piccolo, tuba and piano. Giacinto Scelsi’s Maknongan, an undulating exploration of timbre for unaccompanied tuba, and transcriptions of works by Maurice Ravel and Willson Osborne also appear on this album.