From the Balcony – Matt Tropman

From the Balcony – Matt Tropman
Catalog number: 316


> 01 West Side Story - I. Prologue
comp: Leonard Bernstein
> 02 West Side Story - II. Scherzo
> 03 West Side Story - III. Mambo
> 04 West Side Story - IV. Cha Cha
> 05 West Side Story - V. Maria
> 06 West Side Story - VI. Tonight
> 07 West Side Story - VII. One Hand, One Heart
> 08 West Side Story - VIII. Cool, Fugue
> 09 West Side Story - IX. Somewhere
> 10 West Side Story - X. I Have a Love
> 11 West Side Story - XI. Finale
> 12 Romeo and Juliet - I. Introduction
comp: S. Prokofiev
> 13 Romeo and Juliet - II. Masks
> 14 Romeo and Juliet - III. The Montegues and Capulets
> 15 Romeo and Juliet - IV. The Young Juliet
> 16 Romeo and Juliet - V. The City Awakens
> 17 Romeo and Juliet - VI. Public Merryment
> 18 Romeo and Juliet - VII. Mercutio-Fight
> 19 Romeo and Juliet - VIII. Romeo and Juliet at parting
> 20 Romeo and Juliet - IX. Juliet's Funeral and Death

Music from the two settings of Romeo and Juliet. The musical West Side Story and the ballet Romeo and Juliet by Prokofiev.

These two new arrangements, written especially for Matt, show not only his ability to play in a variety of musical styles but the great range, beautiful sound, and virtuosic capability of the euphonium as a solo voice.

In the West Side Story suite Matt plays with a small combo style chamber group with piano, bass, and a whole host of percussion instruments.

The Prokofiev suite offers a very different musical presentation of Shakespeare, and is more intimately scored for euphonium and piano only.

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