God and Country – New York Staff Band

God and Country – New York Staff Band
Catalog number: 1024


01 God and Country
comp: William Himes
02 Ein Feste Burg
comp: Ray Farr
03 Battle Cry Of Freedom
comp: Stanley Ditmer
04 Swedish Hymn
comp: Peter Graham
05 I Vow to Thee My Country
comp: Gustav Holst
06 Be Strong & Take Courage
comp: Basil Chaisson, Fettke, Brooks
07 There is a Redeemer
comp: Ralph Pearce
08 Home on the Range
comp: Erik Leidzen
09 God Bless The USA
comp: Lee Greenwood
10 America the Beautiful
comp: Carmen Dragon
11 Amazing Grace
comp: William Hines
12 Ave Verum
comp: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
13 It Is Well
comp: Spafford, Philip Bliss
14 Battle Hymn of the Republic
comp: ray Steadman-Allen

Part of the hard-to-find Salvation Army New York Staff Band Recordings.

The NYSB of the Salvation Army plays inspirational and patriotic music at a time when American unity and pride are important issues. Familiar songs connected with historical struggles head up the playlist, while other songs give comfort and reassurance.

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