My Song of Songs – Philip Smith

My Song of Songs – Philip Smith
Catalog number: 1013


> 01 Excursions
comp: Bruce Brighton
> 02 My Song of Songs
comp: John C. Hallett
> 03 Joshua Swings the Battle
> 04 Glory to His Name
comp: Eric Ball
> 05 The Victors
comp: Bruce Broughton
> 06 Only One Intention
comp: Herbert Booth
> 07 Concertpiece for Cornet
comp: James Curnow
> 08 Arabesque
comp: Joseph Turrin
> 09 Georgian Song
comp: M. Balakireff
> 10 Trumpet Call
comp: Kenneth Downie
> 11 They Shall Be Mine
comp: David Catherwood
> 12 Rhapsody on Negro Spirituals
comp: Ray Steadman-Allen
> 13 Blessed Lord
comp: Hermann Lohr
> 14 Standing on the Promises
comp: Douglas Court
> 15 A Gealic Blessing
comp: trad.

Part of the hard-to-find Salvation Army New York Staff Band Recordings.

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