Masterclass: Baroque Trumpet – David Hickman

Masterclass: Baroque Trumpet – David Hickman
Catalog number: 491


01 Introduction to the Baroque Trumpet Repertoire
02 Concerto in D Major, G. 1 and Concerto in D Major
comp: Torello
03 Concerto in C Major for Two Trumpets
comp: Vivaldi
04 Concerto in D Major, 'di Melante'
comp: Telemann
05 Baroque Style; Affections and Tactus
06 Concerto in D Major
comp: Fasch
07 Suite in D Major
comp: Handel
08 Sonata in D Major
comp: Purcell
09 Clarino and Principale styles of trumpet playing
10 Symphonia for Four Corni da Cacci
comp: Molter
11 Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F Major
12 Approach to playing modern piccolo trumpets in a Baroque style

The Masterclass Series of CDs unlocks many key fundamentals of history and style to important repertoire for each solo instrument. Artists provide essential verbal instructions and performance demonstrations based on their extensive knowledge gained through hundreds of performances worldwide.

The cost of the CD is a small price to pay for the tremendous wealth of knowledge gained from this recording. -ITG Journal

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