The Legacy – Rafael Mendez

The Legacy – Rafael Mendez
Catalog number: 178


01 Severinsen Introduction; Samba Gitana, I Know that You Know, The Woodchuck
comp: Rafael Mendez
02 Mendez on Warming Up and Practicing; Vizzutti & McNab tributes
03 Mendez on Touring
04 Mendez on Starting Sons on the Trumpet; Sachs tribute
05 Mendez on Vibrato; Tico, Tico
06 Mendez on Musical Concepts; Herseth & Shew tributes
07 Mendez on Lip Injury; Stevens tribute
08 Bilger tribute; Mexican Hat Dance
09 Mendez on Developing Techniques; Tico, Tico and Mexican Hat Dance; Hickman tribute
10 Bo, Bo, Baila and Yuba Excerpt; Voisin tribute
11 Arban Single Tongue Exercises
12 Czardas; DiMartino, Endsley, & Severinsen tributes

Live clinics, demonstrations, Arban exercises and solo recordings. Tributes to the legendary trumpeter.