Of Songs and Psalms: Symphony No. 5; Nonet – The Pilsen Philharmonic; The Czech Nonet

Of Songs and Psalms: Symphony No. 5; Nonet – The Pilsen Philharmonic; The Czech Nonet
Catalog number: 579


01 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 1. Adonai Z'kharanu
comp: Daniel Asia
02 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 2. The Baal Shem Tov
03 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 3. God's Hand In the World
04 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 4. Brooklyn
05 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 5. V. Jerusalem
06 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 6. Fluid Mechanics
07 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 7. Through Two Points Only
08 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 8. Psalm No. 23
09 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 9. I shall cook me bacon, Lord
10 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 10. Sonnet from the Voyage
11 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 11. Where we Once Refused to Go
12 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 12. Almost a Love Poem
13 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 13. You See My Old Wandering Jew
14 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 14. A young Soldier
15 Symphony No. 5 - Mvt. 15. Barukh Adonai L'Olam
16 Nonet - Mvt. 1. Impetuous, contemplative
comp: Daniel Asia
17 Nonet - Mvt. 2. Moderato
18 Nonet - Mvt. 3. Allegro, molto ritimico
19 Nonet - Mvt. 4. Calmo, adagio
20 Nonet - Mvt. 5. Allegro
21 Nonet - Mvt. 6. Lively

“…his music does a good job…getting to the point of each of the short poems, which are brief meditations on the present state of the Middle East and the day-to-day lives and psyches of its inhabitants, near and far. The tone is generally lyrical, the net effect moving and thoughtful. The beautiful prayer finale makes a memorable conclusion. This is a fine expression of the present day Jewish condition, and I hope it finds a sub- stantial audience.”
-American Record Guide

“Soloists Chris Pedro Trakas and Robert Swenson are both masters of their art, enhancing both the drama and the lyricism of the texts. Their voices not only are well-suited to this music, but ideally complement each other. The chorus and orchestra also sing and play with finesse and considerable musical expression…With Summit’s excellent recorded sound and presentation, this release is a worthwhile addition to the recorded legacy of Daniel Asia and recorded contemporary music in general, and as such, certainly deserves a place in your collection.”
– Fanfare

“…The composer’s idiom is tonal and very approachable; an apt comparison in both mood and vocabulary would be Bernstein’s more ‘serious’ orchestral works – the Kaddish and Age of Anxiety symphonies for instance; harmon-ically rich and sometimes ambiguous, and always rhythmically vital, with excursions into contemplative depth of feeling. The concise Nonet is cast in similar musical language, with something of the clear precision of neoclassical Stravinsky.”
– Records International

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