Solos – Solo works of Daniel Asia

Solos – Solo works of Daniel Asia
Catalog number: 422


01 The Alex Set - Mvt. 1. Alex I, Semplice
comp: Daniel Asia
02 The Alex Set - Mvt. 2. Interlude I, Allegretto
03 The Alex Set - Mvt. 3. Alex II, Spritely
04 The Alex Set - Mvt. 4. Interlude II, Adagio
05 The Alex Set - Mvt. 5. Alex III, Allegro vivace
06 Plum - Dream Sequence II
comp: Daniel Asia
07 Orange - Mvt. 1. Soulful, legato
comp: Daniel Asia
08 Orange - Mvt. 2. Spritely, while meandering
09 Orange - Mvt. 3. Fast and aggresive
10 Orange - Mvt. 4. Serene
11 Orange - Mvt. 5. Meandering, w/ fluctuating tension
12 Orange - Mvt. 6. Fast and aggresive, almost frantic
13 Orange - Mvt. 7. Serene, legato
14 Marimba Music - Part. 1. Theme, cantible, very freely, Variations I-IV
comp: Daniel Asia
15 Marimba Music - Part. 2. Variations V-VII
16 Marimba Music - Part. 3. Variations VIII, IX
17 Dream Sequence I
comp: Daniel Asia

SOLOS is, as this disc’s name implies, a collection of solo works written from 1976 to 1996. It presents another side of American composer Daniel Asia, who until now has been represented on CD mainly by orchestral, ensemble and vocal works. This disc passes over Asia’s largest-scale solo work, a piano sonata that is available elsewhere, and focuses instead on music for less common solo instruments: The Alex Set for oboe, PLUM-Dream Sequence II for flute, ORANGE for viola, Marimba Music, and Dream Sequence I for Asia’s own instrument, the trombone.

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