Eternal Licks & Grooves – Bob Florence Limited Edition

Eternal Licks & Grooves – Bob Florence Limited Edition
Catalog number: M1030


> 01 Eternal Licks & Grooves
comp: Bob Florence
> 02 Claire de Lune
comp: Claude Debussy
> 03 Mirror Images
comp: Bob Florence
> 04 Guiding Star
comp: Bob Florence, Fred Manley
> 05 Invitation
comp: Bronislaw Kaper
> 06 I'm Old Fashioned
comp: Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer
> 07 Appearing in Cleveland
comp: Bob Florence

Since the late 1950s, Bob Florence has been on an unparalleled musical journey and we as listeners have been fortunate enough to go along for the ride. And what an incredible ride it is. He is a true artist in every sense of the word because he is never content to stay in one place. He continues to experiment with all areas of musical expression and in doing so has created some of the most outstanding works of the modern big band era.
-Ken Poston

Grammy Finalist for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording!!

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