Pastiche – Pastiche

Pastiche – Pastiche
Catalog number: 300


> 01 Don't Lose Your Cool
comp: Nic tenBroek, Jenny Meltzer
> 02 Whatever It Takes
comp: Nic tenBroek, Jenny Meltzer
> 03 When Will There Be
comp: Nic tenBroek, Jenny Meltzer
> 04 You Hit the Spot
comp: Mack Gordon, Harry Revel
> 05 Only Love
comp: Sandy Cressman
> 06 Late Date
comp: Neil Hefti
> 07 Remember That
comp: Jenny Meltzer
> 08 Waiting On the Day
comp: Sandy Cressman, N. Harris
> 09 Destination Drive
comp: Nic tenBroek, Jenny Meltzer
> 10 Blackbird
comp: John Lennon, Paul McCartney
> 11 When the Night
comp: Sandy Cressman

While their roots are in Jazz and focus is always on the vocal harmony, they draw from their love of a wide range of musical styles incorporating Brazilian and Afro-Cuban rhythms, as well as R and B and pop influences…a Great Sound!

…smooth, rich and delicious…

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