Postcards From Hollywood – Scott Whitfield Jazz Orchestra West

Postcards From Hollywood – Scott Whitfield Jazz Orchestra West

Label: Summit Records

Release date: Aug '22

Catalog number: 800


The Magnificent Seven (Main Theme)
comp: Elmer Bernstein
Sally's Tomato (from "Breakfast at Tiffany's")
comp: Henry Mancini
Entre'Act/First Love Theme (from "Cleopatra"")
comp: Alex North
The Sand Pebbles (Main Theme)
comp: Jerry Goldsmith
Tara's Theme (from "Gone With The Wind")
comp: Max Steiner
A Time For Love (from "An American Dream")
comp: Johnny Mandel/Paul Francis Webster
The Bad and the Beautiful (Main Theme)
comp: David Raksin
Spellbound (Main Theme)
comp: Miklos Rosza/Mack David
The Pawnbroker (Main Theme)
comp: Quincy Jones
The Force Theme (from "Star Wars")
comp: John Williams
North by Northwest (Main Theme)
comp: Bernard Herrmann

“What a BAND!! Man, what an absolute HONOR it is to be standing in front of such an incredible aggregation of wonderful musicians and friends! I must be the luckiest bandleader in the world! Thank you ALL!!”    -Scott Whitfield


“Arrangers are restless souls whose brains quite often won’t shut up long enough for them to get a good night’s sleep,” Whitfield says from personal experience. “The journey upon which you’re about to embark is proof of the fruits of many a sleepless night, but he sincerely hopes you will agree that it was all worthwhile.”

Prior to Whitfield’s arrival in Southern California, he developed a keen interest in film music, and even ended up studying the art form seriously at UCLA. There have been many celebrated composers who shaped and defined this genre over the past near-century, and his goal with this recording is to pay homage to a cross-section of the greats, through the medium of his Jazz Orchestra West. Some of these themes will be very familiar to the listener, while others are much more obscure. In some cases, he stayed pretty close to the original concept of the piece.

Scott Whitfield, leader, trombone, bass trombone (10), all arrangements
Rusty Higgins, alto sax, soprano sax, flute, piccolo
Kirsten Edkins, tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet
Brian Williams, baritone sax
Tony Bonsera, lead trumpet, flugelhorn (except 5, 8, 11)
Dave Richards, lead trumpet (5, 8, 11)
Kye Palmer, trumpet, flugelhorn (lead on 4)
Anne King, trumpet, flugelhorn
Gary Tole, trombone
Ira Nepus, trombone
Rich Bullock, bass trombone
Jeff Colella, piano
Jennifer Leitham, bass
Kendall Kay, drums

Pete Christlieb, tenor sax
Brad Dutz, percussion
Dick Nash, trombone
Rickey Woodard, tenor sax