When Cooler Heads Prevail – Bill Anschell Trio

When Cooler Heads Prevail – Bill Anschell Trio
Catalog number: 311


01 Sweet and Lovely
comp: Gus Arnheim, Charles N. Daniels, Harry Tobias
02 Dear Old Stockholm
comp: trad.
03 Undercurrent Event
comp: Bill Anschell
04 Little Niles
comp: Randy Weston
05 No Hurry
comp: Bill Anschell
06 La Flor de la Canela
comp: Chabuca Granda
07 If It Isn't One Thing
comp: Bill Anschell
08 One More Mile
comp: Bill Anschell
09 Woody's Turn
comp: Bill Anschell
10 Angels Watching Over Me
comp: trad.

…what a trio it is…beautifully recorded album…Anschell’s relaxed and fluid playing can become powerful and intense when called upon…Anschell has cataloged some of the best talents in jazz from (the South)…
…joined by drummer and percussionist Woody Williams, who is explosive on drums and hand percussion – including bata, bongo, cajon, cowbell, koto, pandero, rattle, shaker, and tan-tan – and by top-notch bassists, Rodney Jordan…and Neal Starkey…
-Ed Trefzger, editor of the Yellow Dog Jazz Report

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