Emotion on Stage – BRASSOPERÁ

Emotion on Stage – BRASSOPERÁ

Label: Summit Records

Release date: Mar 2017

Catalog number: 696


> 01 Dance of the Hours from "La Gioconda"
comp: Amilcare Ponchielli
> 02 Prelude from "Rigoletto"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 03 Bella Figlia Dell'Amore Quartet from "Rigoletto"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 04 Overture from "La gazza ladra"
comp: Gioacchino Rossini
> 05 Ave Maria from "Otello"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 06 Si Celebri al fin from "I vespri siciliani"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 07 Mercé Dilette Amiche from "I vespri siciliani"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 08 Prelude from "Ernani"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 09 Zingarelle e Mattadori from "La traviata"
comp: Giuseppe Verdi
> 10 E Lucevan Le Stele from "Tosca"
comp: Giacomo Puccini
> 11 La Danza
comp: Giacomo Puccini
> 12 Mattinata
comp: Ruggero Leoncavallo

Piergiuseppe Doldi, trumpet

Fabio Codeluppi, trumpet & arrangements

Loris Antiga, french horn

Giuseppe Mendola, trombone

Alberto Azzolini, tuba


It is well known that Giuseppe Verdi had a great passion for the brass section. Unfailing in solemnity, incomparable for its energy, a gripping and pulling strength, protagonists of the drama climax. In fact a brass quintet has surely the magnificence and greatness to render the expressiveness of a complete orchestra, above all the Italian melodrama from Rossini to Puccini outlining with decision and clearness the themes of great importance.  In order to have a perfect brass group it is necessary to affirm not only the top quality talent and technical know-how of each member but also the great experience of lyric orchestra and knowledge of the relative repertoires, excellent arrangements in short……..what is the result?… “BrassOperà”.

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