Encore – Larry Zalkind

Encore – Larry Zalkind
Catalog number: 359


01 Atlantic Zephyrs
comp: Gardell Simons
02 The Song of the Black Swan
comp: Hector Villa Lobos
03 Annie Laurie
comp: Arthur Pryor
04 Liebesleid
comp: Fritz Kreisler
05 Schon Rosmarin
comp: Fritz Kreisler
06 Prayer
comp: Ernest Bloch
07 The Bride of the Waves
comp: Herbert L. Clarke
08 Melody in A Major
comp: C. G. Dawes
09 The Blue Bells of Scotland
comp: Arthur Pryor
10 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
comp: George Bassman
11 Trombonology
comp: Tommy Dorsey

The Principal Trombonist of the Utah Symphony shows his amazing technique and incredible tone in a cd packed with encore selections. It shows that what was once thought impossible for trombone is indeed possible.

Zalkind is accompanied on piano by Karlyn Bond. This collaboration is meant to bring the listener closer to the music, and offers a fine clarity and distinctness to each individual note. It is in an intimate setting such as this, that the listener can truly focus on the style and mastery of the performer, and thus, realize a greater understanding and appreciation of the instrument, and the music.

Larry Zalkind treats both instructors and students alike to an expert-level resource of trombone repertoire, and gives any fan of the trombone a valuable and enjoyable listening experience.

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