Meltdown – The Pilafian Project

Meltdown – The Pilafian Project
Catalog number: 227


01 ACA Referendum
comp: S. Zimmer
02 Ruthenian Dance
comp: Bela Bartok
03 Prelude
comp: Maurice Ravel
04 I Mean You
comp: T. Monk
05 Dali's Car
comp: Beefheart
06 Sadness
comp: Bela Bartok
07 Petit Fleur
comp: Bechet
08 Gesualdo Movement
comp: Sam Pilafian
09 Blues Connotation
comp: Coleman
10 Big Easy Groove
comp: Sam Pilafian
11 ACA Referendum (extended version)
12 Ruthenian Dance (extended version)
13 Dali's Car (the rush hour version)
14 Petit Fleur (the last tango)

The clever arrangements and the band’s enthusiasm make this eccentric effort…a success. — Scott Yanow, Cadence

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