Portraiture – Brian Swartz/The Gnu Sextet

Portraiture – Brian Swartz/The Gnu Sextet
Catalog number: 640


01 Pastorian Fantasie
comp: Brian Swartz
02 I'll C U in Spring
comp: Brian Swartz
03 Down with Downs
comp: Brian Swartz
04 Elevation
comp: Brian Swartz
05 David 5:11
comp: Brian Swartz
06 Harsh Rain
comp: Brian Swartz
07 Jens' Duct Taped Pants
comp: Brian Swartz
08 Smile 4 Me
comp: Brian Swartz

From the inspiration of playing at Alice Coltrane’s memorial service, to the impact Jaco Pastorius had on his life, this recording comes from deep within Brian Swartz (winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest). A moving recording that takes the listener on a beautiful, visceral journey of aural portraits of different people that have inspired Brian to write music.

Featured Artists
Brian Swartz: trumpet, flugelhorn
Matt Otto: tenor sax
Robby Marshall: tenor sax
Martin Sullivan: trombone
Andy Langham: piano
J.P. Maramba: bass
Jens Kuross: drums

Track Listing
Pastorian Fantasie • I’ll C U In Spring • Down With Downs • Elevation • David 5:11 • Harsh Rain • Jens’ Duct Taped Pants • Smile 4 Me

Press Quote
“A unique sound and great musical interplay.” — JAZZ REVIEW

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