Solerovescent – Tom Wolfe

Solerovescent – Tom Wolfe
Catalog number: 634


> 01 Midnight Sushi
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 02 One with One
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 03 Timbuktu
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 04 Gospel
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 05 Solerovescent
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 06 Sidetrack
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 07 La Luna Llena
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 08 Southwest
comp: Tom Wolfe
> 09 Triste
comp: Antonio Carlos Jobim
> 10 Naima
comp: John Coltrane

Solerovescent, or having the intangible quality of “magnetisim” for no obvious reason, brings acclaimed guitarist Tom Wolfe together with an incredible group of musicians on a tightly woven, extremely tasty, and accessible jazz recording!

Featured Artists
Tom Wolfe: guitar
Ken Watters: trumpet
Tim Goodwin: bass
Chris Kozak: bass
Danny Gottlieb: drums

Track Listing
Sidetrack • One With One • Midnight Sushi • La Luna Llena • Solerovescent • Naima • Southwest • Triste • Timbuktu • Gospel

Press Quote
“One of the most prolific jazz guitarists and educators emanating out of the Southeastern region of the United States … melds rapid chord progressions with elegantly performed mid-toned electric lines.” — ALL ABOUT JAZZ

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