The Butterfly Tree – Berkeley Symphony Orchestra

The Butterfly Tree – Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
Catalog number: 1018


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Something extraordinary happened in northern California in 1997. A 24-year old woman made a statement against the logging of California¯s old-growth redwoods by taking up residence on a tiny platform 180 feet up the trunk of an ancient redwood.

This CD, which combines the evocative music of French composer Jean-Passcal Beintus with moving text by Ian Leonard, an American-born writer living in England…is a direct result of that remarkable act of civil disobedience.

Relayed in narration and song by Joan Baez, The Butterfly Tree recounts the riveting tale of Julia Butterfly Hill¯s two-year vigil from the point of view of Luna, the tree she lived in and saved from the loggers¯ chain saws.

In addition to the story of Julia Butterfly comes The Brementown Musicians. This charming tale relates the adventures of a donkey whose maser has decided he’s too old and no longer worth the cost of his feed.