Deanna’s Wonderland – Deanna Swoboda

Deanna’s Wonderland – Deanna Swoboda
Catalog number: 245


> 01 Patricia Lee and Leah Marie
comp: Deanna Swoboda
> 02 Custard the Dragon
comp: Keith Robinson
> 03 T Rex
comp: Mark Schultz
> 04 Rainforest Etudes
comp: Keith Robinson
> 05 Effie Suite - Mvt. 1. Effie Chases A Monkey
comp: Alec Wilder
> 06 Effie Suite - Mvt. 2. Effie Goes Folk Dancing
> 07 Effie Suite - Mvt. 3. Effie Joins The Carnival
> 08 Wonderland Duets - Mvt. 1. Wow, Wow, Wow
comp: Raymond Ludeke
> 09 Wonderland Duets - Mvt. 2. Lobsters and Turtles
> 10 Wonderland Duets - Mvt. 3. Tis the voice of the Lobsters I
> 11 Wonderland Duets - Mvt. 4. Twas brillig and slithy Toves
> 12 Elegy for a Whale
comp: Alec Wilder
> 13 Brass Rap!
comp: Deann Swoboda

Integrating music into a child’s daily life has many advantages. As students are asked to study music and visual arts in relationship to history, social studies, science, and health they are able to develop a clearer perspective of each subject

While gaining an understanding of the music. It is important for parents and teachers to help our children integrate knowledge across subject areas. Deanna’s Wonderland is musically designed with just that in mind.

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