Short Films – Cam Newton

Short Films – Cam Newton
Catalog number: 1007


01 Scene I - I. Spirit Of The Pacific Rim
comp: Cam Newton
02 Scene I - II. Sea Of Cortez
03 Scene I - III. To Fight The Good Fight
04 Scene I - IV. Details At Eleven
05 Scene I - V. Ochoco
06 Scene II - I. Hide and Seek In The Tall Grass
comp: Cam Newton
07 Scene II - II. Mr. Pachelbel Takes A Vacation
08 Scene II - III. Global Village
09 Scene III - I. Across The Distance
comp: Cam Newton
10 Scene III - II. There Was A Time
11 Scene III - III. One Blue Pearl (Earth)
12 Scene III - IV. The Mystery In Dreams
13 Scene III - V. Rubatoland

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