DIG. – Mark Hetzler

DIG. – Mark Hetzler

Label: Summit Records

Release date: Nov. 2016

Catalog number: 684


01 DIG.
comp: Ben Davis
02 Animalympics: 1. Indian Elephant Skier
comp: David P. Jones
03 Animalympics: 2. Manatee Synchronized Swimming
comp: David P. Jones
04 Animalympics: 3. Dingo 400-Meter Relay
comp: David P. Jones
05 Animalympics: 4. Catfish Marbles
comp: David P. Jones
06 Animalympics: 5. Royal Hibernian Elk Slalom
comp: David P. Jones
07 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
comp: Ben Davis
08 Entelechy: 1. I
comp: David Vayo
09 Entelechy: 2. II
comp: David Vayo
10 Entelechy: 3. III
comp: David Vayo
11 The Persistence of Memory
comp: Chester Udell
12 The Roots of Concidence
comp: Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays

“…Hetzler is so good…one of the world’s great trombone players…” -American Record Guide

Critically acclaimed trombonist brings an array of musical ingredients in this sometimes odd, sometimes very musical CD!…at times nearing industrial, at times delivering melodic classical…at most times, yearning for some kind of odd video to be behind! It’s the latest release from Mark Hetzler.

As a member of the Empire Brass Quintet for thirteen years, Mark performed in recital and as a soloist with symphony orchestras world-wide. Mark has since released many recordings on Summit Records, all with their own message and mood, all illustrating his incredible playing and intriguing thought process. His previous release SMT-651, group name: Sinister Resonance, title: They Said… is a multi-genre group that plays a mix of jazz, rock, modern classical, and contemporary improv-based styles. Comfortable on acoustic and electronic instruments, the group creates sounds, textures, and grooves that are beautiful, hip, and at times surreal, all while exploring a dynamic range that runs the gamut from whispering lyricism to thunderous wails. This one begins where that one left off….

Mark Hetzler – trombone and electronics
Vincent Fuh – piano
Anthony DiSanza – vibes and drums (tracks 1 and 7)
Mark Bridges – cello (track 1)
Ben Ferris – bass (tracks 2-7)
Garrett Mendelow – drums/percussion (tracks 2-5)
Tom Ross – marimba, vibes and xylophone (tracks 2-5)
Todd Hammes – drums/percussion (tracks 8-12)
Nick Moran- electric and upright bass (tracks 8-12)