They Said… – Sinister Resonance

They Said… – Sinister Resonance
Catalog number: 651


01 There's Something About David H.
comp: Nels Cline
02 Sinister Resonance
comp: Henry Cowell
03 Agonist
comp: Dave Holmes, Stu Brooks, Joe Tomino
04 Not for Nothing
comp: Dave Holmes, Stu Brooks, Joe Tomino
05 AK
comp: David Torn, Tim Berne, Craig Taborn, Tom Rainey
06 They Said...
comp: Mark Engebretson, Brian Lampkin (text)
07 Murmuration
comp: Mark Hetzler
08 Fear of Dust by the Handful
comp: Mark Hetzler
09 Blindfold Duet
comp: Todd Hammes

Based in Madison, WI — and featuring acclaimed former Empire Brass trombonist Mark Hetzler — Sinister Resonance is a multi-genre group that plays a mix of jazz, rock, modern classical, and contemporary improv-based styles. Comfortable on acoustic and electronic instruments, the group creates sounds, textures, and grooves that are beautiful, hip, and at times surreal, all while exploring a dynamic range that runs the gamut from whispering lyricism to thunderous wails.

Featured Artists
Mark Hetzler: trombone, electronics/Vincent Fuh: piano/Nick Moran: bass/Todd Hammes: drums, percussion

Track Listing
There’s Something About David H. • Sinister Resonance • Agonist • Not for Nothing • AK • They Said… • Murmuration • Fear of Dust by the Handful • Blindfold Duet

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