Serious Songs, Sad Faces – Mark Hetzler

Serious Songs, Sad Faces – Mark Hetzler
Catalog number: 347


> 01 Ordo Virtutum
comp: Hildegard Von Bingen
> 02 Gradual from Requiem
comp: Johannes Ockegham
> 03 Adieu Sweet Amarillis
comp: John Wilbye
> 04 Kyrie from Mass for Four Voices
comp: William Byrd
> 05 Dido's Lament from Dido and Aeneas
comp: Henry Purcell
> 06 Sinfonia from BWV #4
comp: Johann Sebastian Bach
> 07 Aria from BWV 51
comp: Johann Sebastian Bach
> 08 Ave Verum Corpus
comp: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
> 09 Der Doppelganger
comp: Franz Schubert
> 10 Andante from Symphony No. 5
comp: Felix Mendelssohn
> 11 Oh Death from Four Serious Songs
comp: Johannes Brahms
> 12 Sola, Perduta, Abandonata from Manon Lescaut
comp: Giacomo Puccini
> 13 The Two Blue Eyes of My Sweetheart
comp: Gustav Mahler
> 14 Kyrie from Mass In G Minor
comp: Ralph Vaughan Williams
> 15 The Harvest of Sorrow
comp: Sergei Rachmaninoff
> 16 Andantino from String Quartet No. 4
comp: Dmitri Shostakovich
> 17 Two Hymns- Hymn #1: With Breadth
comp: Vincent Persichetti
> 18 Two Hymns- Hymn #2: Tenderly
> 19 Simple Song from "Mass"
comp: Leonard Bernstein
> 20 New York Requiem
comp: Meredith Monk

This collection of works looks to the vocal repertoire as a source of music for exploring the variety of way composers convey the feelings of sorrow, loss and consolation.

For this recording, trombonist Mark Hetzler is accompanied by Lisa Leonard on piano, providing a calm, intimate musical setting for such emotional works.

Mark is the trombonist of the Empire Brass.

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