She Won The Loser – Lynn Easterly

She Won The Loser – Lynn Easterly

Label: Summit Records

Release date: Jan. 2018

Catalog number: 710


> 01 She Won The Loser
comp: Georgia Edgeworth, Alyson Cutter, Morgan Bracy
> 02 Dirty Little Secret
comp: Tamyron McDonald, Rebecca McCabe
> 03 Faded Dreams
comp: Lynn Easterly, Nancy Oakly
> 04 I Listen to My Bad Girl
comp: Debbie Pascarella, Danielle Jamerson
> 05 It Might Get Loud
comp: Pat Kelley
> 06 Rough Ride
comp: Gerald Smith, Lynn Easterly
> 07 Shake the Trailer
comp: James Barry Poole, Neal Coty, Thomas Eugene McHugh
> 08 Now We're Getting' Somewhere
> 09 Didn't We Love
comp: Jess McEntire

This is impressive, well-crafted – moving country music!!!….The “real deal” – destined to make waves in the country “world”.

Lynn Easterly has already been called one of the hottest female country singers and entertainers to ever come out of the state of Florida, and is well known for her high energy performance and ability to bring a crowd to its feet.  She has been described as the “real deal” An acclaimed country singer and entertainer, Lynn Easterly has won several independent music awards including, “Independent Music Artist of the Year”, “Female Vocalist of the Year,” and “Entertainer of the Year.”

The recording features nine ‘pop-country’ crafted tasty nuggets…!

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