Spiral – Dave Wilson

Spiral – Dave Wilson
Catalog number: 544


01 Spiral
comp: Dave Wilson
02 Elm
comp: Bierach
03 Ocean Blue
comp: Dave Wilson
04 Friend of the Devil
comp: Hunter, Garcia
05 Summer Breezes
comp: Dave Wilson
06 My Own Prison
comp: Creed
07 Movin' On
comp: Dave Wilson
08 Like Gs 2
comp: Dave Wilson
09 Remembering
comp: Dave Wilson
10 Francisca
comp: Toninho Horta
11 (You're the) Biggest Part of Me
comp: David Pack, Ambrosia

Critically acclaimed by JazzTimes with such praise as ‘…gruff, streetwise tenor…passionate blowing…catchy hooks and warm moods…’, jazz saxophonist Dave Wilson has arrived. Here, he puts together an acclaimed rhythm section to form something special – this quartet has got something to say.

Along with a rich history and track record of becoming an incredible ‘wind instrument’ player, DAVE WILSON has studied with Joe Lovano and Bill Barron (among others), worked with both Dave Stahl’s Big Band and Orchestra, and here this veteran saxophonist has assembled a world-class quartet.

‘Wilson (has) a dynamic quality that pushes his quartet’s performance beyond ordinary. He’s having fun, and that means his audience can enjoy the spirit equally…sincere emotion…’

‘Wilson…is a threat throughout the woodwind family…a fluid player who gets around the horn – mostly tenor and soprano – and blends in wherever he lands…’
-Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Snappy modern jazz that you don’t have to be a hard core hipster to enjoy. †With a swinging, after hours feel, this is a cooking date fueled by local luminaries that are having a great time. †It sounds like you will too. †Check it out.’

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