Clowns Will Be Arriving – Ted Kooshian

Clowns Will Be Arriving – Ted Kooshian
Catalog number: 644


01 I Dream of Jeannie
comp: Hugo Montenegro
02 Get Smart
comp: Irving Szathmary
03 Clowns Will Be Arriving
comp: Ted Kooshian
04 Three Clowns
comp: Wayne Shorter
05 Koko
comp: Ted Kooshian
06 Christmas Day, My Favorite Day
comp: Ted Kooshian
07 Mannix
comp: Lalo Schifrin
08 Skylark
comp: Hoagy Carmichael
09 Lost In Space
comp: Johnny Williams
10 Porkypine
comp: Ted Kooshian
11 I Scare Myself
comp: Dan Hicks
12 Ignatz
comp: Ted Kooshian
13 When You Wish Upon a Star
comp: Leigh Harline

With this recording, talented pianist and composer Ted Kooshian continues to explore and transform some of the themes from his past, putting them through the kaleidoscope of his brain and spinning the wheel to see what is reflected back. The CD also includes some originals, Kooshian’s interpretations of a few memorable fictional characters.

Featured Artists
Ted Kooshian: piano, electric keyboard
Jeff Lederer: flute, saxophones
Pete McGuinness: trombone
Wilbur Bascomb, Tom Hubbard, Morrie Louden: bass
Scott Neumann, Warren Odze, David Silliman: drums, percussion
Napoleon Murphy Brock: vocals
…and more!

Track Listing
I Dream of Jeannie • Get Smart • Clowns Will Be Arriving • Three Clowns • Koko • Christmas Day, My Favorite Day • Mannix • Skylark • Lost in Space • Porkypine • I Scare Myself • Ignatz • When You Wish Upon a Star

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