Field Notes – John Manning

Field Notes – John Manning
Catalog number: 680


01 Four Paintings by Grant Wood - Stone City, Iowa
comp: Barbara York
02 Four Paintings by Grant Wood - Young Corn
03 Four Paintings by Grant Wood - American Gothic
04 Four Paintings by Grant Wood - Parson Weem's Fable
05 I Shall Buy a Black Horse
comp: trad.
06 Sonata en Evolucion Constante
comp: Roberto Pintos
07 Blue Grace
comp: Claire Sievers
08 Variations for Two Tubas and Piano
comp: Jerry Owen
09 Intra Muros
comp: Katherine Wohlman
10 Cheese Spread
comp: John Manning

Field Notes: Tuba Music from Iowa

Ever since John Manning’s appointment to the faculty of the University of Iowa, he has been amazed and impressed with the breadth and depth of talent within the state. All of the music on this recording has some connection to Iowa, and Manning is quite proud of the quality and variety of the program. Some of the music was composed by former students (Claire Sievers and Katharine Wohlman), two works were composed or arranged by Iowan Jerry Owen, two works were commissioned by Manning himself specifically for this recording (York and Pintos), and one work he composed (Cheese Spread).