Tales of Imagination – JD Shaw with the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony

Tales of Imagination – JD Shaw with the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony
Catalog number: 586


01 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 1. Poseidon Arises from the Sea
comp: Hardy Mertens
02 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 2. Voyades in the Golden Carriage
03 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 3. The Creation of the First Horse
04 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 4. The Adultery with Medusa
05 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 5. The Wrath of Athena
06 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 6. The Love of Gaia
07 Poseidon, Op. 185 - Mvt. 7. Poseidon's Undisputed Divinity
08 The Glass Bead Game - Mvt. 1. The Call and Awakening
comp: James Beckel
09 The Glass Bead Game - Mvt. 2. Father Jacobus
10 The Glass Bead Game - Mvt. 3. Magister Ludi Coronation and March
11 A Piazzolla Trilogy - I. Buenos Aires Hora Cero
comp: Astor Piazzolla
12 A Piazzolla Trilogy - II. Milonga del Angel
13 A Piazzolla Trilogy - III. La Muerte del Angel
14 Mystic Dance
comp: Rick DeJonge

Music and imagination have always been linked together as a symbiotic pair. Whether by intention or by chance, music inspires, touching that part of the human mind that imagines things. Here, world-class hornist (former Boston Brass hornist) JD Shaw joins with the experienced conducting of Eric Rombach-Kendall and the talented musicians of the University of New Mexico Wind Symphony performing a collection of works in which artistry, colors, passion and sorrow illustrate ‘Tales of Imagination.’

JD Shaw is currently Professor of French Horn at the University of New Mexico and was, formerly, the French hornist with the internationally acclaimed Boston Brass where he was creative director, and music arranger of the ensemble. JD is an active solo artist and travels extensively throughout the United States as well as many countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2010, he was the featured recitalist at the 42nd International Horn Symposium in Brisbane, Australia. JD has also been a featured performer on National Public Radio’s Performance Today and the CBS Morning Show.

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